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What to Expect

Speaking 1Free 45 Minute Consultation

Before enrolling in a course, I offer a free 45 minute consultation to get to know you, your level of English and your learning goals. The meeting is very casual, helps me answer any questions you have and allows me to tailor content for your first lesson. Contact me to arrange your free consultation.

Teacher 1

Well Structured and Prepared Lessons

I have over seven years teaching experience with students of various nationalities, class sizes and learning goals. All my lessons are centred around contemporary issues to keep them interesting, well-prepared and tailored to your level. I have helped hundreds of students achieve their English language goals both privately and professionally. I also have many contacts within the English teaching industry so I can provide you the best, up-to-date teaching material.

Happy 1

Friendly and Fun Learning Environment

I’m not a conventional teacher and a little bit eccentric, which means there is never a dull moment in the classroom! I keep lessons light-hearted, relevant and use my English sense of humour to help you achieve your English language goals. Come prepared to get involved in the lessons, sharing your opinions and experiences. I enjoy getting to know my students and invite them to English themed events and coffees outside of the classroom. The relationship I have with my students is what ensures they enjoy the lessons and why they have been so successful.

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Online Learning Support

If you miss a lesson, I will email you the content covered. If you have any doubts or issues regarding course content at any stage, I can arrange a Skype Call at a convenient time that suits you.

High Pass RatesPass Rate 1

My students achieve extremely high pass rates with their examinations. My students’ pass rate with the BEC exam is 100%.





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